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Tulloch Castle in Scotland

Tulloch Castle is actually thought to have many ghosts – but the most-sighted ghost, and the ghost most talked about, is the Green Lady. She has been sighted so frequently, the bar in the castle is actually named the Green Lady Bar and a portrait of the lady believed to be the Green Lady, Elizabeth Davidson, hangs in the Great Hall.

The Green Lady is also one of the few ghosts that has been captured on film, prompting numerous investigations into the castle. A number of paranormal teams have investigated the castle over the years, and they have found some very interesting results. Balls of light, orbs and icy cold patches of air have been seen and felt and constant noises, clicks, bangs and thuds have been recorded on film – with no explanation.

Dalhousie Castle in Edinburgh

Dating way back to the 13th century, this castle has seen many people passing through its doors. It’s alleged to be haunted by a number of ghosts, most notably that of Sir Alexander Ramsay. He was starved to death in 1342 in Hermitage Castle by William Douglas, and has been seen roaming the halls and grounds of the hotel since then. Another of the ghosts is that of Lady Catherine, known as the ‘Grey Lady’, often seen around the turrets and in the dungeon of the castle.

Because ghostly activity is so rife at the hotel, ghost tours now happen at Dalhousie castle on a regular basis, allowing individuals to see some of the spooky sights for themselves – but guests who have no part in the ghost tours have also experiences spooky happenings, including unexplained noises, movement of objects and footsteps in the night.

Kinnitty Castle in Ireland

The hotel has long had a reputation for being haunted and is home to numerous ghosts and phantoms. The most famous ghost at the castle is referred to as the Phantom Monk of Kinnitty, who is probably one of the most communicative ghosts there is – he has been known to communicate with staff members and visitors from time to time and often appears as a solid form. Some people mistake him as a real, living person, whilst others see him as a shadowy phantom. There are also two haunted bedrooms at the hotel, the Geraldine room and the Elizabeth room. Numerous other nooks and crannies at the hotel are also reported to be home to various eerie presences that are seen and sensed by staff and visitors alike.

Ballygally Castle in Ireland

It’s common place for a castle to have its own resident ghost, and Ballygally Castle Hotel is no different. However, this particular ghost has been haunting the castle for over 400 years. The ghost is said to be that of Lady Isobella Shaw, who was the wife of Lord James Shaw. Lord Shaw wanted a son to be his heir, however when Lady Shaw delivered him his heir he snatched him away and locked her up in a room at the top of the castle. In an escape attempt, it is believed Lady Shaw fell to her death.

Another theory is that Lord Shaw himself threw her to her death or he paid someone to do it. The ghost of Lady Isobella is said to be friendly and is regularly seen wondering around the old castle, perhaps in search of her beloved son. There are countless reports of eerie activity around the castle with several guests feeling a presence in their rooms, hearing unexplained noises, and witnessing the inexplicable.

A mysterious green mist has also been reported hovering above the castle. Ballygally Castle hotel is proud of its resident ghost, dedicating a room to her in one of the towers in the older part of the castle…