Spook Meter Ratings is simply a way for us to convey how spooky a site or hotel was while we were there. Keep in mind that we choose locations that are strongly reported as haunted, so just because we didn’t experience anything supernatural doesn’t mean it’s not haunted.

As amateuer ghost hunters that are “spook-curious” as many of you are, we aren’t in the business of paranormal investigation with expensive equipment, mediums, and psychics. Instead, we want to report an authentic traveler’s experience, while validating the reported hauntings with equipment that many people already have, such as cameras, smartphones, and relatively inexpensive gear. Curious about our gear? Read about it here.

Spook Meter Rating Scale:

1/5 – Meh. Didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary.
2/5 – Shiver. Creepy ambiance, or a mild unexplained occurrence.
3/5 – Gasp! Creepy ambiance paired with unexplained occurence(s)
4/5 – Eek! Multiple and corroborated unexplained occurrences
5/5 – Run! Chilling to the bone with multiple unexplained occurrences