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Day 4 updated!

DAY 1 Summary: Santa Maria Inn

Day 1 post here!

The adventure starts! Drove from San Jose to Santa Maria to check into the haunted and historic Santa Maria Inn. We visited the nearby Danish styled village of Solvang for dinner and also stopped by the Chumash casino. Later in the evening, we returned back to the inn to skulk about in the dark. Read on!

Day 2 Summary: The RMS Queen Mary

Day 2 post here!

Did you know that ostrich egg walls are so thick that cups and bowls can be made from them? Did you know that the Titanic would fit comfortably inside the Queen Mary?! Check out day 2 of Spook Quest Socal to read more about the Dark Harbor at the Queen Mary and our top rated mazes.

Watch how agro these Ostrich are when getting fed here.

Day 3 Summary: The RMS Queen Mary

Day 3 post here!

Off the bat at breakfast, Llama Pajamas tried to kill Miso Poop – probably for snoring the night before. Flambè, terrified of retribution of ill deeds the day before had barricaded himself inside his room and did not emerge until the safety of daylight.  Take a look the day 3 post to read more about our Haunted Encounters tour on the Queen Mary to see if we did indeed encounter anything haunted.

Day 4 Summary: The Magic Castle Hotel

Day 4 post here!

Are you fan of NPH? He was at one time the head of the Magic Castle! Today, we parted ways with Flambè, who headed back up to the Bay Area, while we continued onto Los Angeles to take on an escape room, and check into the Magic Castle Hotel.

Day 5 Summary: The Magic Castle Hotel

Day 5 post here!

This is the big day! After stuffing ourselves on free snacks the day before, we continued to stuff ourselves well into the next day, and with great anticipation got ready for our dinner and show at the Magic Castle. As a reminder, the Magic Castle is a super exclusive club for magicians and their guests to experience illusion magic, shock magic, and the various niches of magic practiced today. Also, the Magic Castle is purported to be haunted, so we were super excited to see if anything would transpire when we arrived through the secret passage into the castle.

Day 6 Summary

I am sad to report this was the least haunted trip we’d even been on. Not a spook in sight, not a bedsheet ripped off an unsuspecting spook quester, not even a blurry photo. Perhaps it was the pre-Halloween merriment and boisterous nature of the Los Angeles area and people that drowned out any supernatural goings on. As a haunted trip, the hotels and the area were a bust, but the events, food, and company were fun and memorable. We are already planning next year’s trip — Spook Quest 2018 – EUROPE!