Samara Drake

Is captivated by the creepy and scary! Samara goes on a Spook Quest every year in search of great eats, spooky haunts, and things that go bump in the dark. On occasion, she been informed that she is abnormal, and was once was even accused of having Asperger syndrome by a former coworker. As the juvenile do, she responded “prove it” and was thus demanded to take an online Asperger’s spectrum test. She took the test, and announced to the coworker’s disbelief that the determination of her social agreeableness was “exceedingly normal.” This is obviously true, because everything on the internet is real. Perhaps he should have had Samara take the “Are You A Sociopath?” test first.


SR is the newest member to the Spook Quest crew and loves to travel internationally. As an engineer and self-proclaimed geek, SR is the tech nerd behind Spook Quest. SR is also the resident skeptic, and is always baffled when other Spook Questers run screaming from a room with a grisly past or won’t go into a haunted restroom. Ocupado!

Llama Pajamas

Part llama and part pajamas, LP can spit and pee 180º (at the same time!) and is delighted by knock knock jokes and Sailor Poon cosplay. Llama loves cupcakes – so much so, that one time, she was carrying a cupcake from a local bake shop into the office, slipped on black ice (the perilous frozen coating on pavement, not the Jamaican entertainer), hit her head, and screeched “IS MY CUPCAKE OK?!”

Miso Poop

Loves food, porn, food porn and yep, you guessed it, is obsessed with doody. A Spook Quest veteran, Miso researches, consumes, rates, and immediately processes delectable food into disgusting pictures that no one wants to look at. Never click on a link she shares with you. EVER.

Nutmeg Le Flambé

Smells like fire and tastes like mace when he’s angry, Nutmeg is also a Spook Quest veteran that also loves travel and games. Nutmeg is obsessed with Survivor, and frequently pits friend and enemies against each other in horrid tribal battles in the mountains.

Yuk Nasty

Smelled, er, spelled just like it sounds,  Yuk Nasty is indeed both yucky and nasty. Infamous for perpetrating a fart incited riot in a haunted hotel room that included a broken window and glass removal from another Spook Quester’s hand, Yuk Nasty is the reason that Samara was compelled to write Road Trip Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts.  Though the incident was utterly tragic, Yuk and said Spook Quester are now happily engaged. Who says you can’t find love on a ghost hunt?