October 28th, 2017 – Spook Quest Socal – DAY 3

Breakfast – Queen Mary Promenade Café, Long Beach CA

Prices to be expected at a hotel ($19 for hot breakfast buffet), and no one really wants to drive downtown to get something better. The a la carte items were tasty and prepared well. Overall, pretty good. There was a minor spectacle in which Llama was trying to juggle her phone and cutlery almost stabbed Miso to death. Luckily, another ghost was not created this morning. Speaking of ghosts, read on to find out what we found in the evening!

Queen Mary 4D Theater – Planet Earth, Long Beach CA

The shows are really short, about 10 minutes, but super fun, complete with spraying, vibration, creepy air effects around your ankles, and bubbles! I won’t spoil the other surprises in case you decide to go, but it was unexpectedly fun and highly recommended.

Don the Beachcomber, Huntington Beach CA

Complete with tiki paraphernalia that includes water features and blowfish lanterns, Don’s is a must go for those that love the tiki life. The drinks menu is conveniently categorized by sweetness and alcohol content and the dim ambience is sleepy and relaxing. An avid tiki enthusiast, Flambe was pulled under the spell of a tiki craftsman in the parking lot of Don’s, and brought home yet another tiki memento. We purposely avoided the food – according to Yelp, Don’s drinks are yummy, but the food is bad for the tummy. So, we opted for better rated eats downtown and ended up at Ritter’s.

Ritter’s Steam Kettle Kitchen, Huntington Beach, CA

Chowder fries – whuuut?! Ritter’s is a cajun creole spot near downtown Huntington Beach that we stopped in for a quick bite and ended up with a platters and platters of steamed clams and mussels, the house cajun pan roast, and the chowder fries drenched in chowder, crumbled bacon, tomatoes and green onions, yum! Fried okra and deep fried soft shelled crab completed the feast and were gobbled up quickly. Sadly, no one wanted any of Flambe’s healthy dish, a shrimp caesar salad [scrunchy nose].

Eiswelt Gelato, Westminster CA

Piggy gelato! This place makes adorable animal themed gelato cups and cones that almost make you feel bad about spearing their delicious little head with a little plastic spoon, but you  quickly get over it. With over a dozen handmade flavors like rose lemonade, yogurt, green tea, and black sesame, Eiswelt is obviously an experience, but is reasonably priced, so you can go back again and again to try your favorite combinations in a seemingly endless list of animal forms, such as teddy, chick, kitty, dog, pig and piglet, unicorn, and pikachu!

Queen Mary Haunted Encounters Tours, Long Beach CA

Skip this. Seriously.

We walked to Queen Mary reception. We walked to the bow of the ship. We walked to the 3rd class nursery. We walked to the doorway of the pool but never even got access inside. All in all, the experience was 50 minutes of boring boringness, where the biggest event was walking through one of the Dark Harbor mazes and a motion sensor rattling box jumped around a bit while the tour walked by. I liked walking about the ship, but the group in general felt that the tour was incomplete and totally not spooky.

BO-Beau Kitchen + Roof Tap, Long Beach CA

Whoa! Bavarian pretzels, brussel sprouts, artichoke mac n’ cheese, chorizo flatbread, chicharones, fried donuts, and ahi salad. I hated the name of this place because I kept forgetting it, but we all had to admit the lively atmosphere at the communal tables was infectious and fun. Generally, the food was really good, and given that it was so close to Halloween, many people were dressed up in various ridiculous getups. Being from the Bay Area, where it seems that every restaurant bar really turns up the hoebag for every imaginable occasion, it was refreshing to see people dressed up as Halloweens of yore, with lots of cartoon characters, gore, super heroes, and ‘pun intended’ bad costumes. Loved it.

Free exploration of the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

Earlier, I mentioned that we had taken a lackluster Haunted Encounters tour upon the Queen Mary. Later in the evening, we had taken note of all the areas that hauntings had been reported and went back with our ghost hunting gear to see if anything registered on our equipment. Stay tuned to read about what we found! Remember that earlier in this post I said to read on about what we found? I haven’t gotten around to it yet.