October 27th, 2017 – Spook Quest Socal – DAY 2

Breakfast – Pantry on Park

The Pantry is located across from the Santa Maria Inn. As advertised, the Pantry on Park is a bustling diner with good sized portions, and was the perfect breakfast spot to get fueled up for a fun-filled day.

Ostrichland USA

On the way to Long Beach, we decided to stop by Ostrichland USA, where we each paid an extra buck on top of the $5 admission to feed hungry and somewhat aggressive ostriches and emus. Flambé has to buy two because he was shaken down by the first set of ostriches. Despite the aggression, the gigantic birds were adorable, and watching one poop was inexplicably fascinating.

Watch our video here. This video is about feeding ostriches – not pooping, you sicko.

Lunch – Shalhoob’s Funk Zone Patio

Lunch stop was in Santa Barbara at Shalhoob’s Funk Zone Patio. I was a little turned off at eating at a place with the word ‘funk” in the name, BUT we all agreed that the street corn off the cob was incredible!

The Haunted Hotel – The RMS Queen Mary

Checking into the Queen Mary was quick, however, the newbie at the counter had a hard time figuring out the multiple room reservation. Tip – if you are claustrophobic, I’d recommend you get a room with a window vs. an inner room with no windows.  The ship itself is a wonderful historic landmark steeped in history, and…tragedy. Also, avoid staying in the rooms under the restaurant on M deck.

Halloween Event – Dark Harbor

Flambe’s favorite so far. Getting into Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor early is a must, if you don’t love standing in line for the various haunted mazes. This year’s new maze was “Feast,” which actually turned out to be a little disappointing. Our favorites were B340 (asylum theme), Lullaby (Scary Mary theme), DeadRIse (military zombie theme). The contortionists were creepy and fun, the fire dancers and sliders super cool, and the evening was periodically interrupted by theatrical flame display. Awesome!

Dinner – Beer Belly

Our late night grub spot – Beer Belly had some good dishes, and a couple of forgettable items. The pork belly chips and the duck fat fries were blaccid (bland + flaccid), and were overall disappointing. Brussel sprouts and poutine mac & cheese were definite winners. Jar o’ pickles had a nice sweet and briny flavor.


The Haunted Encounters tour and exploration of the Queen Mary!